Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Lunch in a Box is a virtual brand that leverages the power of modern technology to turn underutilized kitchens into quick service delivery locations, creating an additional revenue stream. Alternatively, for someone just starting out in the hospitality industry, it provides a quick and easy set-up from scratch. Utilizing advanced catering software, we streamline operations, helping you efficiently manage and grow your business.

Our aim is to assist in generating additional revenue through our brand without the need for a store front. We equip your business with the expertise, know-how, and the opportunity to reach thousands of new customers. By maximizing your existing setup, we drive efficiency and profitability.

A virtual brand is a delivery-only concept that helps a business create additional revenue streams. It works by effectively utilizing your existing kitchen space, equipment, pantry items, and staff. Or, gives the opportunity to work from a kitchen premises with no public access, limited commercial set up – and always cheaper rental prices.

With a dual catering and fast-food delivery service Lunch In A Box extends its reach beyond most hospitality outlets. Leveraging the reach of popular delivery services such as Uber Eats, DoorDash and more, we ensure your products are accessible to the general public. While the catering is appealing for larger orders from a range of organisations. 

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